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Welcome to the Bugs Troubleshooter and Farlang planned updates

This page is directly updated by Farlang's technology team team. Last Update: 10-12-2009. 

If your issue is listed below we are aware of the problem and expect to resolve it as soon as possible. For the best user experience, please upgrade your browser to the latest version of Internet Explorer 7, Firefox 3 or Safari 3. We have done our best to create the same user experience in Google Chrome but would appreciate any comments on bug reports from you.

Farlang (software) updates usually take place every Friday. Any requests are usually included in the Friday update of the *first full week* after your request was made.

New user profiles
Every user will have his/her own profile. In the "account tab" you can set the privacy settings of which parts of your activity will be made public and which parts you would like to keep private

Search box on top of page:
We are currently working on harmonizing the different ways a particular item can be searched. For example: typing in the box at the top of the page: "rings" or "ring" will create different results just as using the clickdown menu on our catalog search page.

Magnifying glass:
Recently some issues with the magnifying glass have come to our attention: stuck frames, not responding to buttons or not magnifying properly in the exhibitions.

Lay out issues
We are aware of several graphic design issues (wrong alignment, stuff off-center, pop up not 100 % calibrated) depending on the browser you're using: Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or even Google Chrome. We're working continuously on calibrating and fixing these small issues.

New upload forms for artists/designers/museums etc:
We expect to have those online by early January 2010.

Textsize on articles not working properly (no resize)
There is a conflict between the editor's settings and the page settings to allow for greater accessibility. Probably resolved some time October. Font sizes have been set to large so people with reduced vision can still read it. Low priority issue.

Adding a photographer, gallery or other artist to your product
There are some issues with adding gallery, photographer, artist to your image. These will be resolved with the new forms which are planned to be rolled out some time mid November 2009.

Previously resolved issues: 

New photo album and tab structure organization
We are overhauling the organization of our "edit profile" structure: one area for all photo albums, another area to edit your profile. Planned implementation before late October 2009

Issues with Google Chrome browser
Occasionally Google Chrome responds differently to our pages than Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari. Officially we're not optimized for Google Chrome yet, but it should work fine in 99 % of the cases. We have resolved the most obvious errors in Chrome and all functionalities should work.

Login/Logout: personal links still visible, or not visible:
This occurs in particular on the Home page and in particular in Firefox and Google Chrome. It is a cookie issue. It is only an appearance issue, if you move to another page than the home page you will see the login/logout was actually succesful. Planned for early October.

Apparent "deleting" of "view profile tab":
After pressing "save order" in your slideshow/showcase and going back to editing your profile if you click on "view profile" a pop up appears asking you "are you sure" and after pressing OK the "view" and "edit" profile tabs seem to disappear. They're not really deleted and can be found again by logging in/out. Obviously fixing this bug has our highest priority and we expect it to be resolved before October 2nd. Fixed.

Additional Images not shown and difficulty with uploading:
There are problems with adding more images (2-4) and showing them on your product page and pop up. Planned resolution: Mid September. Resolved

Profile and slideshow photos cannot be deleted and have a wrong "images" link to add secondary images:
Delete "x's in red will be added to each thumbnail as well as redundant link taken out. Planned: before end August 2009. Problem returned. Planned by mid September. Resolved.

Virtual Exhibition images and Slideshows not working sometimes:
Planning to be fixd before early September 2009. Resolved.

Artist slideshow/showcase images not loading:
After uploading images with black background into slideshow album, the images are not visible. We are working on this bug and aim to resolve this in week 3 of August 2009.

Artist slideshow/showcase images not loading:
After uploading images with black background into slideshow album, the images are not visible. We are working on this bug and aim to resolve this in week 3 of August 2009. Resolved.

15 MB Error message shown when uploading image, whilst image is smaller than 15 MB:
Fixed early week 3 of August. Resolved.

Text does not appear after editing description of photo:
The text should appear in your list of images immediately after saving the "image description". Resolved.

Slow page loads:
Some people were experiencing very slow page loads (slower than 1 minute) while browsing Farlang. This issue has been resolved.