Sotheby's, NY, 09-20-2012: Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Ring

By Christine Webb
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By Christine Webb


Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond Ring

Estimate: 350,000 - 450,000 USD Centered by a cushion-shaped sapphire weighing 13.22 carats, flanked by two triangular diamonds weighing approximately 1.80 carats, size 2¼. 

This sapphire has the pedigree! Kashmir origin with no heat treatment (both Gubelin and AGL reports). Just as connoisseurs treasure Columbian emeralds and Burmese rubies, Kashmir sapphires are extremely rare and highly sought after and collected. Sapphires from Sri Lank and Burma historically were considered the best, however, from the 1880s to the early 1920s a small area in the Indian state of Kashmir produced gems that were a medium rich velvety blue color, described as cornflower blue.

Then and today, Kashmir sapphires are regarded as the finest blue sapphires. An untreated natural sapphire is rare and highly collectable. Then add Kashmir as the origin - it should command top dollar and retain its value. This of course depends on the color and how the sapphire looks in person - very difficult to judge from an image.

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