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Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur

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PREFACE : Introductory.Cap. I. Babur's exemplars in the Arts of peace, p. xxvii.Cap. II. Problems of the mutilated Babur-nama, p. xxxi.Cap. III. The Turki MSS- and
S work connecting with them, p. xxxviii. Cap. IV. The Leyden and Erskine " Memoirs of Baber ", p. lvii.Postscript of Thanks, p. lx.
899  AH.Oct. 12th 1493 to Oct. 2nd 1494 ad.Babur's age at the date of his accessionDescription of Farghana (pp. 1 to 12)Death and biography of 'Umar Shaikh (13 to 19 and 24 to 28)Biography of Yunas Chaghatai (18 to 24) Babur's uncles Ahmad Miran-shahi and Mahmud Chaghatai (The Khan) invade Farghana Death and biography of Ahmad Misdoings of his successor, his brother Mahmud.......1-42
900  AH. Oct. 2nd 1494 to Sep. 21st 1495 AD. Invasion of Farghana continued Babur's adoption of orthodox observance Death and biography of Mahmud Miran-shahi Samarkand affairs revolt of Ibrahim Sdrii defeated Babur visits The Khan in Tashkint tribute collected from the Jlgrak tribe expedition into Auratlpa . . 43-56
901  AH. Sep. 21st 1495 to Sep. 9th 1496 ad. Husain Bdiqara's campaign against Khusrau Shah Babur receives Auzbeg sultans Revolt of the Tarkhans in Samarkand Babur's first move for Samarkand         . .. . 57-64
902 AH. Sep. 9th 1496 to Aug. 30th 1497 AD. Babur's second
move for Samarkand Dissensions of Husain Bai-qara and his sons Dissensions between Khusrau Shah and Mas'ud Miran-shahi ....... 65-71
903   AH. Aug. 30th 1497 to Aug. 19th 1498 AD. Babur's second attempt on Samarkand is successful Description of Samarkand (pp. 74 to 86) his action there Mughuls demand and besiege Andijan for Babur's half-brother Jahanglr his mother and friends entreat his help he leaves Samarkand in his cousin 'All's hands has a relapse of illness on the road and is believed dying on the news Andijan is surrendered by a Mughul to the Mughul faction Having lost Samarkand and Andijan, Babur is hospitably entertained by the Khujandls he is forced to dismiss Khalifa - The Khan (his uncle) moves to help him but is
Page of 1010 Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur
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