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Section 2: Kabul

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912 AH. MAY 24th 1506 to MAY 13th 1507 AD.             317
There they brought SI. Sanjar Bar/as, led in by a rope round his neck ; he even, to whom I had given the Nlngnahar tfimdtt, had had his part in the mutiny! Greatly agitated, he kept crying out, "Hai! what fault is in me?" Said I, "Can there be one clearer than that you are higher than the purpose and counsels of this crew ?" 1 But as he was the sister's son of my Khan dddd's mother, Shah Beglm, I gave the order, " Do not lead him with such dishonour; it is not death."
On leaving that place, I sent Ahmad-i-qasim Kohbur, one of the begs of the Fort, with a few braves, in pursuit of Mirza Khan.
{m. Baburs dealings with disloyal women.)
When I left the Bagh-i-bihisht, I went to visit Shah Beglm and (Mihr-nigar) Khanim who had settled themselves in tents by the side of the garden.
As townspeople and black-bludgeoners had raised a riot, and were putting hands out to pillage property and to catch persons in corners and outside places, I sent men, to beat the rabble off, and had it herded right away.2
Shah Begun and Khanim were seated in one tent. I dismounted at the usual distance, approached with my former deference and courtesy, and had an interview with them. They were extremely agitated, upset, and ashamed ; could neither excuse themselves reasonably3 nor make the enquiriesof affection. I had not expected this (disloyalty) of them ; it was not as though that party, evil as was the position it had taken up, consisted of persons who would not give ear to the words of Shah Begun and Khanim ; Mirza Khan was the beglm's grandson, in her presence night and day ; if she had not fallen in with the affair, she could have kept him with her.
' Babur's reference may well be to Sanjar's birth as well as to his being the holder of Ningnahar. Sanjar's father had been thought worthy to mate with one of the six Badakhshi begims whose line traced back to Alexander (T. K. p. 107); and his father was a Barlas, seemingly of high family.
2  It may be inferred that what was done was for the protection of the two women.
3  Not a bad case could have been made out for now putting a Timurid in Babur's place in Kabul ; viz. that he was believed captive in Heri and that Mirza Khan was an effective locum tenens against the Arghuns. Haidar sets down what in his eyes pleaded excuse for his father Muh. Husain (T.R. p. 198).
Section 2: Kabul Page of 1010 Section 2: Kabul
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