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Ch. 6: Noteworthy Diamonds

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vealed colours in all cases, appearing brightest when the light passed along the greatest diameter about 4 inches. Here the colours were very fine, but no regular figure was to be seen. Round a small black spot in the interior of the stone the colours were very vivid, changing and rotating round the spot as the analyser was turned. These observations indicated internal strain.
The clearness throughout was remarkable, the stone being absolutely limpid like water, with the exception of a few flaws, dark graphitic spots, and coloured patches close to the outside. At one part near the surface there was an internal crack, showing well the colours of thin plates. At another point there was a milky, opaque mass, of a brown colour, with pieces of what looked like iron oxide. There were four cleavage planes of great smoothness and regularity. On other parts of the surface the crystalline structure was very marked. The edges were rounded in parts, and triangular 78
Ch. 6: Noteworthy Diamonds Page of 171 Ch. 6: Noteworthy Diamonds
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