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Ch. 4: Topaz

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The Siberian topaz is nearly always found in rhomboidal prisms, terminated by a ditetragonal pyramid; it is of a pale blue or green cast of colour, and sometimes occurs colourless, when it is much prized. Although in form of crystallization these Siberian minerals are really topazes, they approach very nearly by their tint and transparency to the aquamarine.
A finely polished topaz belonging to the Grand Mogul was purchased at Goa for $50,500. It weighed 157-1/4 carats, and was cut in the form
represented by Fig. 62.
It was for a long time believed that the ancients never engraved this gem; but Caire mentions a
Ch. 4: Topaz Page of 296 Ch. 4: Amethyst
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