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Ch. 4: Amethyst

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132                       PRECIOUS STONES.
are occidental amethysts. As their composition and value have nothing in common with the oriental amethyst they will be described elsewhere.
Ancient engravings upon amethyst are numerous. That which has been chosen as an example (Fig. 63) represents Antonia, the daughter of Mark Antony, and the wife of Drusus, a beautiful
princess, who, to use the touching language of Lenormant, "embodied in herself all the glory and the sorrow of her time." She is represented as the goddess Ceres, and carries a horn of plenty. In the National Library of France there is a mag­nificent work in amethyst, a profile (supposed to be Maecenas at an advanced age) engraved by Dios-corides, one of the four celebrated engravers mentioned by Pliny.
Ch. 4: Amethyst Page of 296 Ch. 4: Amethyst
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