Ch. 2: Diamonds

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DIAMONDS AND PEARLS.              15
of the right-hand draught, are the girdle of the stone, and are denoted by the letter e. The triangular fassets adjoining to the out­lines of the right-hand draughts, are the un­der skill fassets, and are denoted by the letter /. The lower sides are denoted by the let­ter g. The octagon in the middle is the col­let, which is denoted by the letter h ; and is an horizontal plane or face, at the bottom of the stone. This description serves as an explanation of the other three double draughts. All lines within the outlines of the draughts, are called ribs in diamonds. These draughts, with these explanations, will always be found of use to give a right idea of a brilliant diamond. In Plate VI. there is a draught of an instrument, useful for examin­ing the size and depth of any diamond, called a prover.
Ch. 2: Diamonds Page of 160 Ch. 2: Diamonds
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