Ch. 2: Diamonds

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DIAMONDS AND PEARLS.             45
understood, that method will be made use of on this occasion.
This is to be known by applying the price they bear manufactured, which has been shown, viz. that as rough diamonds are va-lued at two pounds per carat, a wrought diamond of one carat is worth eight pounds ; so to find the value of a stone of that degree of goodness, whatever number of carats are contained in such a diamond, each is to be valued at eight pounds ; and whatever sum they make, must be multiplied by the weight of the diamond.
The instances are as follow :
First Instance.
To find the value of such a diamond of five carats weight, reckon every carat at 8 pounds ; then multiply 5 carats by 8 pounds, that makes 40 pounds ; so every carat is to be valued at 40 pounds; then multiply 5 by 40, that produces 200l. and is the value of such a diamond.
Ch. 2: Diamonds Page of 160 Ch. 2: Diamonds
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