Ch. 2: Diamonds

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64                       A TREATISE ON
method of estimating diamonds, it will be found, that the India people have generally valued their large diamonds alike at all times, let the demand for them vary as it may.
If that be the case, is not this issuing out another staple commodity like that of gold and silver? And although its value is not as­certainable to so great an exactness as either of those, by an assay, yet it may appear they are reducible to as great a nearness in spe­culation, as either of the other two. But however beneficial this may be, the value oi diamonds can never be at all settled in Eu­rope, whilst we are amused with the notion of the Brazil mines being productive of dia­monds. How far it is the interest of these parts of the world to be well informed of the truth of this matter, is left to the consi­deration of the public.
But suppose it should be remarked, that although diamonds in India may at all times be near the same value, it cannot be the case in other parts of the world, arising from va­rious circumstances : the chief cause of which variableness in the price of diamonds, or any jewels, in other parts of the world, cannot
Ch. 2: Diamonds Page of 160 Ch. 2: Diamonds
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