Ch. 4: Pearl Shape Color

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above sum of 152l. 9s. 6d. But if the num­ber of articles had been more, and the price of any parcel of pearl should be higher, it can but little increase the difference; and therefore it is not worth regarding, more es­pecially when it is considered, that none can judge the value of any one pearl, or parcel, to any such-like nicety. As to what has been said of the convenience of this table, the same might have been said of the dia­mond table; but as there seemed not to be the like necessity for it, in regard to dia­monds, it has hitherto been omitted, and the rather, to avoid repetition.
As the convenience of this table is evi­dently shown, it may be proper to observe, that in making use of that, or either of the other methods for finding the value of pearl, the highest price of any pearl of a carat weight cannot be valued at more than 16*., when the price of the middle sort, of that weight, is valued at 8*., nor those of the lower sort, of a carat, at less than 2*.; be­cause all of a baser sort deserve not to be considered as jewels. And this, probably, will be thought scope enough to employ
Ch. 4: Pearl Shape Color Page of 160 Ch. 4: Pearl Shape Color
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