Ch. 4: Pearl Shape Color

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114                     A TREATISE ON
sion of it would be an impediment to my design, which is that of communicating truth and knowledge, beneficial to the public, and to all ingenious traders, and which is calcu­lated to raise their reputations and usefulness, and likewise to promote art in the embel­lishments of diamonds, and recover, if pos­sible, the almost lost manufacture of them to this kingdom, that has in time past been pos­sessed of the chief share thereof, and which has carried the improvement of it to the greatest height of any part of the world, and is now as capable of doing so as ever, if per­mitted ; which I hope to see brought about.
The loss of this valuable manufacture, and of the trade resulting therefrom, has been wholly owing to a delusive manner of working them abroad, which enables fo­reigners to sell diamonds cheaper by weight than it is possible to afford well-wrought ones for. By this means they are become possessed of almost the whole of this manu­facture and trade.
And this practice has been much coun­tenanced by some traders in London, who have sold for some years past § or more of
Ch. 4: Pearl Shape Color Page of 160 Ch. 4: Pearl Shape Color
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