Ch. 17: Garnet

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Industry and Marketing
Topaz is not considered a very costly gem-stone and could be had fairly cheap, but coloured varieties command higher prices. Brazil is the most important place for gem topaz and next come the Ural mountains.
Amongst the ancients, like the ruby, the topaz was also supposed to be gifted with marvellous medical properties, and also believed to be capable of giving light in the dark. When powdered and taken in wine, it was considered a cure for asthma, sleeplessness and many other diseases.
Celebrated Topazes
Tavernier saw in the treasury of Aurungzebe one topaz crystal when he had the audience of the Emperor in 1665. It weighed 157-3/4 carats and was of an octagonal shape. It is said to have been purchased for Rs.1,80,000 at Goa. The Braganza, supposed to be a celebrated diamond, is now considered a topaz. One topaz crystal 4-1/2 x 4-3/4 which weighed 31 pounds was at St. Petersburg. There is also a big lump of topaz, which served once as a door-knob, and later was discovered to be a topaz. A few good stones are also found with the Tagore family.
Introduction GARNET is the name given to a group of minerals, having a close relationship or form or known as an isomorphous series. It is a group of important rock forming minerals. The garnets possess bright colours and lustre to qualify them as precious stones, but they are so common that they could never rank as a precious stone. They are also very cheap. All the varieties of garnet crystallize in the cubio system with very similar forms. The rhombic dodeca hedron and icositetrahedron occur either alone or in
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