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All praise is for the Sustainer of the cosmos, Who from the beginning
to the end is Unique, Who has ordained the survival of Islam as the
agency for destruction of ills and misfortunes, and (for bringing about)
health and tranquillity, Who has distributed food and fixed the (moral)
values, Who has made struggle the source for food in the same way in
which He has made the sun and the moon as the interceptors for uplifting water towards heaven. And, when the clouds are filled and laden
with rain, winds drive them towards parched land and flood it with the
blessed water. And the earth generates plenty which for man is wealth
and for animals sustenance. And this self same water returns to the
slopes and the oceans. He knows what comes to the earth, what comes
out of it, and what comes down from the heavens and ascends towards
them. He is verily the Knower and He has issued Commands out of His
Infinite Wisdom.
Blessed be Muhammad through whom He has'taken us away from
the path of ignorance and through whom He has perfected the Message
of Prophethood! May they who followed this path and guarded his
honour and exalted name be blessed! Blessings be upon his descendants,
those who swore allegiance to them, and upon all his exalted Companions!
May Allah vouchsafe to us the capacity (to be upon the true path).
All our praises and encomiums are for Him alone, Who has so shaped
life that each creature can sustain itself and live in a measured way,
where there is no excess and no want; and for sustenance has made food
the principal cause, and through which each body grows on all sides, so
that the food, after being digested, helps it (to sustain itself).
God has made plants content themselves with little food, food that is
not digested easilyo They store it in their bodies, remain contented, and
take their stance at one place. They receive food from all sides which
they take up through their small veins (vessels). Water seeps in and
traverses to their roots. Air, heated by the sun, absorbs the moisture
from their branches, and transports it upwards. Whatever thus is
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