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Lauriston-Drummond Gold Field

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The 126 ft. 10 in. Level.—The eastern leg of a trough-reef was worked for 300 feet to the north of the shaft.
The 186 ft. 1 in. Level.—At 180 feet to the north of the shaft, is the famous Russell's Reef, which was worked for a considerable distance, and which gave excellent returns. It was worked right to the surface, near the No, 1 shaft.
The 245 ft. p in. Level.—The Russell Brothers had their principal workings. About 300 feet of this trough reef was worked further to the north, on the pitch from the 447 ft. 2 in. level. These workings are accessible from the 706 ft. n in. level of the No. 2 shaft.
The 673 ft. Sin. I^evel.—A trough reef was worked for 100 feet to the south of the shaft.
The 882 ft. 2 in. Level.—At 40 feet to the west of the shaft, a trough leef was cut, but not worked.
The 1,034 ft. 11 in. L.evel.—At 150 feet to the west of the shaft, a trough-reef was worked down the pitch for 400 feet to the north of the »haft. The pitch of this reef is 25 deg. 35 min. to the north. It has been worked t6 feet to the south of the shaft, leaving a block further to the south, to the boundary of the lease, not worked. It was highly payable.
No. 2 Shaft.
The 242 ft. 6 in. L.evel.—In a cross-cut at 408 feet' to the west of the shaft, centre-country, on the Energetic line, was cut, but very little work has been done to explore for saddle-reefs or for legs. Recently a little work has been done in a rise, and auriferous quartz obtained, but not of payable character. On the surface, at centre-country, right above this, Mr. Barker informs me that auriferous spurs have been discovered.
The 447 ft. 6 in. Level.—At 40 feet to the east, is a trough-reef, worked for 155 feet to the north from the shaft, and 55 feet to the south from the shaft. A rise was made in the eastern leg, but very little work was done. This same leg forms the western leg of a saddle-reef, on the eastern line of saddle-reefs.
The 706 ft. 11 in. Level.—At 270 feet to the south, and 35 feet to the east of the shaft, the same trough-reef as occurs at 306 feet in the No. 1 shaft has been worked.
The 776 ft. 3 in. Level.—The synclina is at the shaft, and at 185 feet to the east from the shaft is the eastern anticline.
Altogether, a great amount of work has been done in this mine, but not to the best advantage. The No. 1 shaft has been sunk for part of its depth through a syncline. Owing to faulting, the syncline is in places to the east of the shaft or, again, to the west of it. In sinking on this field, it is not necessary to place the shaft to the east of the axial line, as it is at Bendigo, for at Lauriston the axial plane has no definite tilt to the east or the west, and, therefore, a shaft should be sunk in, or Bear, centre-country. It is better to have the shaft in the anticline than in the syncline, but the No. 1 shaft serves for both, as there is a distance of only about 150 feet between them. The two shafts are suitable for working the eastern anticline and the syncline, but they are not well placed for working tilt Energetic line, because such big cross-cuts are involved. To open up the Energetic line to advantage, a new shaft would be required, and, if such be undertaken, ample room should be allowed for all purposes, and a shaft constructed that could be sunk to a depth of 5,000 feet. At Lauris­ton the work so far done has been in a zone of country that appears to cor-tespond with the middle zone of Bendigo; therefore, it is to be expected that more favorable results will be obtained as greater depths are reached. Even in this higher and poorer zone excellent returns have been obtained, considering the work done.
Lauriston-Drummond Gold Field Page of 16 Lauriston-Drummond Gold Field
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Bradford. The Lauriston-Drummord Gold-Field.
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