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Ch. 11: Home of the Diamond

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quoted, as well as for the refutation of what is erroneous, it may
be stated that the firm of Tiffany and Company, during the last
year (18S5), imported a collection of diamonds in the rough,
including 882 specimens, weighing in the aggregate about 1775
carats, besides a number enclosed in the diamond-bearing rock,
increasing the list to 904 specimens, representing 1876 carats.
The collection embraces diamonds of various colors,— pure
white, bluish-white, grayish-white, white with yellow spots,
light and deep brown, different shades of green, smoky, gray,
rose, reddish, yellow, and black. A large part of these stones
are of small size, though several specimens exceed ten carats
in weight, including a white diamond with striated faces,
weighing nearly twelve carats, a smoke-brown exceeding fiftyseven, another brown gem of more than eleven carats, a fine
yellow of twenty, a white twin octahedral of more than fifteen,
besides several specimens of bort and diamond conglomerates
weighing individually from nearly forty-nine carats to more
than one hundred and sixteen. A small number of the
collection were obtained from Brazil, and the remainder from
South Africa.
Ch. 11: Home of the Diamond Page of 401 Ch. 12: Historical Diamonds
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