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Ch. 12: Historical Diamonds

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The Crow7i, a diamond of the size of thirty-two carats,
valued at sixty thousand dollars in the inventory of 1791,
was placed in the Golden Fleece of the French regalia.
The Savoy, bequeathed to the crown of Savoy, by
Queen Christina, in 1662, was a table diamond, weighing
fifty-four carats, and set in antique style, with large pearls.
The Eugénie. — As the size of this diamond corresponds
to that of one of the Taverniers, it has been thought by some
connoisseurs to be identical with it, though this circumstance
alone would not be regarded as very strong evidence. This
gem has acquired a romantic celebrity from its connection
with the fortunes of royal personages. It was once used as
an ornament for the hair by Catherine II. of Russia, who
presented it to one of her subjects, as a reward for his
distinguished public services ; subsequently, the Russian gem
came into the possession of the French Emperor, and was
worn by the empress as the centre brilliant in a diamond
necklace. After the fall of Napoleon III., the Eugénie was
sold to the Prince of Baroda, for seventy-five thousand dollars;
but, as if some malign influence passed from this treasure to
its possessors, this Indian prince was afterwards deposed, and
the diamond has disappeared.
The Dresden Green. —Nothing is known of the antecedents
of this exceedingly rare and beautiful diamond, but it is
thought to be of Indian origin ; it constitutes one of the most
conspicuous gems in the fine collection of the Green Vaults,
at Dresden, and is distinct from the " Green Brilliant," which
originally belonged to the Elector Augustus of Saxony, and
was worn as a button for a hat-band. The Dresden Green
weighs, according to Grasse, the director of the vaults,
forty and one-half carats,— King says thirty and one-fourth,—
and is valued at one hundred and fifty thousand dollars.
Ch. 12: Historical Diamonds Page of 401 Ch. 12: Historical Diamonds
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