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LUMACHELLA.                                 141
composed of scales rather bright, like mother-of-pearl, white, pink, greenish, and violet, like the scales on the wings of the butterfly.
Of this substance is made the golden, silvery, pink, blue, and black dust which is used to dry writings.
If this substance was known to the ancients, the name which they gave it is unknown to us ; but we aie led to believe that it is a recent discovery.
The opaline lumachella comes from Corinthia, where it is found in a mountain called Pleybourg.
There, under a ridge of lead minerals, is found a grey-brown marble which contains many fossil shells of the primitive period, which are now extinct. They are seldom found unbroken, and this will not appear strange when we consider through how many terres­trial revolutions they must have passed before being deposited amongst the substances which, together with them, form the lumachella.
Some of these shells, brought to light by the help of the saw and polish, present all the colours of the rainbow.
Art adds much to the natural effect of the luma­chella, and then it clearly shows most vivid waterings of a golden red, and emerald-green colour.