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Ch. 2: Celebrated Stones

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PRECIOUS STONES              31
One found at Bawbadan weighed in the rough forty-four carats. It was cut to twenty carats, and given by the finder to King Tharawadis. It was named the " Gnaga Boh," or '' Dragon Lord."
Another weighing one hundred carats, was found on Pingudoung Hill soon after Theebaw ascended the throne. It was given to him by Oo-dwa-gee, Woon of the ruby mining district.
The two best known rubies in Europe, brought over in 1875, were of magnificent quality and color. One was cush­ion-shaped, and weighed thirty-seven carats. The other, a blunt drop-shape, weighed forty-seven carats. They were recut by Mr. J. N. Forster, of London, to thirty-two and five-sixteenths and thirty-eight and nine-sixteenths carats, re­spectively, and sold abroad for £10,000 and £20,000. The necessities of the Burmese government, only, gave Europe the opportunity to acquire these royal gems.
A ruby of very fine quality, weighing eighteen and seven-sixteenths carats, was found January, 1895, at the Tagoung-naindaing mine, and in the summer of that year a large one of nine hundred and seventy-three carats was found in the Ingonk Valley, near Mogok. In common with all large rubies, parts of it were thick and cloudy.
The " Black Prince Ruby," in the Imperial crown, Tower of London, is a spinel. It is cut en cabochon, and has a hole drilled through it, though this has been plugged with a similar stone. It was presented to the Black Prince by Don Pedro, King of Castile, and was worn in his helmet by King Henry V., of England, at the battle of Agincourt.
Two very fine spinels were brought to England from India in 1861. One of them weighed one hundred and ninety-seven carats. It was cut en cabochon, octagon-shape, and was of perfect color and flawless. It was recut to eighty-one carats. The other was of perfect color and octagonal also, very spread and free from flaws. It weighed one hun-
Ch. 2: Celebrated Stones Page of 237 Ch. 2: Celebrated Stones
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