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Ch. 4: Desirable Qualities in Precious Gemstones

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46              PRECIOUS STONES
the lighter, or the darker, which has a blackish appearance. The pink should be a deep, clean color, similar to a pink ruby, and the brown should be a rich amber-brown.
The best diopsides are very similar to the fine green tour­maline.
Fine moonstones show a blue chatoyant light on a gray background.
The desirable color in turquoise varies with fashion. At present it is the tint known as robin's-egg blue. It should always be free from a chalky appearance, white specks, or other evidence of matrix, and from the greenish cast of color which is its most common fault. The color should be even, and the surface show a high polish.
Probably honey-color is favored by the greatest number of the admirers of the Oriental cat's-eye, though apple-green, and a rich brown showing an inner light of golden yellow, are preferred by many. The line of light, in any case, must be sharply defined, passing straight over the centre of the dome when presented squarely to the eye, and spreading as it is turned.
Star rubies and sapphires are seldom of good color. Their beauty and value depend mainly on the clearness and even distribution of the rays from the centre of the dome.
Of the many stones of varied hues for which there is no standard, it can be said only that individual taste must decide between them, remembering always that a clean, rich, decided color, of whatever kind, is preferable. This includes the fancy colored sapphires and spinels, zircon, garnets, beryls, etc.
Fancy stones, especially of the more precious crystalline varieties, are seldom perfect, but if the flaws or imperfections do not destroy the brilliancy and distribution of color, they are not accounted of as much importance as in the diamond. Rubies generally contain clusters of light or dark-colored spots. Ragged cavities in the surface of the stone are com-
Ch. 4: Desirable Qualities in Precious Gemstones Page of 237 Ch. 4: Desirable Qualities in Precious Gemstones
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