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Ch. 9: Diamond

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followed the find, and the rush made the Boer farmers glad to sell the land to rid themselves of the trouble it caused them. This they did to an English company, for one hundred and twenty-five thousand marks. The Bultfontein was then discovered south and a little west of the Du Toits Pan. Then the " Old De Beers," on the Vooruitzigt farm, owned by a Boer named De Beers; an^ on July 21, 1871, the Old De Beers " new rush" on Colesburgh Kopje was discovered. This, known later as the Kimberley, proved to be the richest of all. These four mines produce about ninety per cent, of all the diamonds found in South Africa. The Wesselton mine was discovered on the Benaudfontein farm, in the Kim­berley district, in 1891. It was owned by Mr. J. J. Wessels, Sr., and named after him.
The town of Kimberley, lying between the Kimberley and the De Beers mines, now has a population of thirty thousand. Beaconsfield, a town two miles southwest, has ten to twelve thousand inhabitants.
Soon after the Kimberley was opened up, the Jagersfon-tein, near Fauresmith, and the Koffyfontein, on the Riet River, between Jacobsdal and Fauresmith, in the Orange Free State, were discovered. The Jagersfontein is about eighty miles to the south and a little east of Kimberley. These two mines produce, when worked, about six to seven per cent, of the total African output, and have been lately acquired by the syndicate.
When the mines of the Kimberley district were discovered, a question arose as to the domain. The Orange Free State claimed that the land was in its territory, and England main­tained that it was part of Griqualand West, over which she held some sort of protectorate. Finally, England annexed the fields and paid the Orange Free State £90,000 in settle­ment of its claims.
At first, the people sought for the diamonds in and along the edges of the river; then they found that the sand lying
Ch. 9: Diamond Page of 237 Ch. 9: Diamond
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