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Ch. 9: Jasper

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THE JASPER.                                233
ready for digestion ; and because only the healthiest, and best grapes can be dried for raisins. In addition to raisins another valuable food is ' raisin syrup;' not the so-called ' raisin wine,' but what is styled in India ' Draksherash,' which is an Indian non-alcoholic wine, made of raisins, with a few spices. After raisins come apples, and pears, and their juices, in the form of sweet cyder, and sweet perry; both practically non-alcoholic; Then of the vegetables my experience has been that carrots are the best of all to use, and to eat raw, whilst at the same time grated, not chopped. Of the other vegetable foods the watercress is likewise beneficial."
The proper way to cook vegetables, if you want to retain their curative value, is to keep, and serve there­with the water in which they are cooked ; or to steam them without water.
" But, Betsey Prig"—said the redoubtable Mrs. Gamp, when relegating her duties as night nurse (the gross, vulgar, ignorant humbug !) to her partner in selfishness, Betsey Prig—for day service, (save the mark !) : " But, Betsey Prig "—speaking with great feeling—" try the cowcumbers, God bless you ! " Her own instructions for supper refreshment on arrival, had run thus : " I think, young woman,—to the assistant chambermaid, in a tone expressive of weakness,—" that I could pick a little bit of pickled salmon, with a nice little sprig of fennel, and a sprinkling of white pepper. I takes new bread, my dear, with just a little pat of fresh butter, and a mossel of cheese. In case there should be such a thing as a cowcumber in the 'ouse, will you be so good as to bring it, for I'm rather partial to 'em, and they does a world of good in a sick room." " If they draws the Brighton Tipper here,
Ch. 9:  Jasper Page of 501 Ch. 9:  Jasper
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