Ch. 4: The Reduction Works

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The road to the works—The " Harvey Adit"—A meandering stream—Waterfalls and pools—The water race—Our river-Its value to the property—Fuel supply—How many feeders make one stream—Advantages of combination on the part of the two companies—The site of the works—Preliminary difficulties—Surface rights secured—The platforms—The build­ing—-A plea for patience—The unforeseen and the unexpected —Zeal of our workmen—A mental forecast of a busy scene.
The site chosen for the reduction works may, to­day, be easily reached, either from Glenrock or from Mango-Tree Hill. Excellent roads were approach­ing completion before I left the Wynaad; that from Glenrock was already in use. On my first visit to the works I took the route which lead from the South Indian property. Leaving the bungalow, and passing along the path near the entrance to the tunnels, which I have described, when No. 4 Tunnel is reached, instead of rounding the hill, the road strikes through the coffee planta­tions in the hollow; and, crossing a small stream by means of a plank, bears to the left, round
Ch. 3: The Glenrock Estate Page of 99 Ch. 4: The Reduction Works
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