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Ch. 8: Ancient Oriental Amulets

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believes that the interment must have been made at some date between 350 and 330 b.c., just before Alexander's inva­sion of Persia.13
The jewels embrace a beautiful gold torque weighing 385 grams (something over one pound Troy). The hoop termi­nates in two lions' heads having cheeks of turquoise, while on the muzzle is a lapis lazuli flanked by two turquoises ; on the top of the head is a plate of mother-of-pearl. Bracelets similar in design and decoration to the torque go to complete the parure. Of even greater interest than the gold torque was a three-row pearl necklace, 238 of the pearls being still more or less well preserved ; originally there must have been from 400 to 500 of them. .Still another valuable necklace consists of 400 beads of precious or ornamental stone mate­rial and 400 gold beads. The stones represented are tur­quoise, lapis lazuli, emerald, agate, various jaspers, red and blond carnelian, feldspar, jade ( ?), hyaline and milky quartz, amethyst of a pale violet hue, hematite, several marbles and breccia. A fourth necklace had a row of beads and pendants incrusted with carnelian, lapis lazuli and turquoise; here the sharp contrast of the bright red carnelian disturbs the harmonious effect produced by the combination of the dark blue lapis lazuli and the light blue turquoise.
The detached amulets are of various forms, one figuring a sphinx with a ram's head; this was in white paste with green enamel. Another, of gold, was rudely fashioned in the form of a lion or a cat, and there was also a dove of lapis lazuli, poorly executed, the amulets (mainly of Egyptian type) being of very inferior workmanship as compared with the jewels. Still they serve to confirm the belief that this heaping up in the tomb of all the dearest treasures cherished
* Delegation en Perse, vol. viii, Recherches Archéoligiques 3 ème Série, Parie, 1905, pp. 36-58.
Ch. 8: Ancient Oriental Amulets Page of 485 Ch. 8: Ancient Oriental Amulets
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