The Book of the Pearl by G. Kunz

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Joslyn ; Stansbury Hagar ; Henri de Morgan, explorer ; Dr. Nathaniel L. Britton, director New York Botanical Garden, J. H. Lawles, and Ludwig Stross, for many courtesies; Miss M. de Barril and Miss Belle da Costa Greene, all of New York ; Dr. Stewart W. Culin, of the Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences ; the Contessa Casa Cortez, for Peruvian information, of Brooklyn ; Dr. Charles B. Davenport, of the Carnegie Institution Laboratory, Cold Spring Harbor; Arthur C. Parker, archaeologist, State Museum, Albany, N. Y. ; A. S. Clark, antiquarian, Peekskill, N. Y. ; Dr. Richard Rathbun, assistant secre­tary, Dr. Cyrus Adler, curator, Dr. Otis S. Mason, curator of Eth­nology, all of the Smithsonian Institution ; Dr. S. W. Stratton, chief of the Bureau of Standards; Miss E. R. Scidmore; Gilbert H. Grosvenor, editor, National Geographic Magazine ; Hon. William Eleroy Curtis ; his Excellency Enrique C. Creel, Embajador de Mexico, and James T. Archbold, war correspondent, all of Washington, D. C. ; Prof. W. P. Wilson, director Philadelphia· Commercial Museum, Clarence B. Moore, Academy of Natural Sciences, and T. Louis Comparette, curator Numismatic Collection, U. S. Mint, all of Philadelphia ; Prof. Henry Montgomery, University of Toronto/Toronto, Canada; Dr. Warren K. Moorehead, archaeologist, Andover, Mass. ; H. D. Story, and Theo. M.. Davis, curators of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mass. ; Miss Mathilde Laigle of Wellesley College ; Prof. F. W. Putnam and Alfred M. Tozzer, Peabody Museum of Archaeology, Cambridge, Mass.; Prof. Edward S. Morse, Salem, Mass.; Dr. Hiram Bingham, Yale University; W. E. Frost, Providence, R. I.; Dr. Edgar J. Banks, University of Chicago, Chicago, 111. ; Hon. F. J. V. Skiff, director, for several photographs of museum material, and Dr. George A. Dorsey, curator of Anthropology of the Field Colum­bian Museum; Dr. A. R. Crook, curator of the Museum of Natural History, Springfield, 111. ; Richard Hermann, director Hermann Mu­seum, Dubuque, la. ; Charles Russell Orcutt, San Diego, Cal. ; David I. Bushnell, St. Louis, Mo. ; Dr. J. H. Stanton, Prairie du Chien, Wis. ; Joe Gassett, Clinton, Tenn. ; Prof. Wm. C. Mills, University of Ohio, Columbus, O., for material covering the new Ohio mound discoveries ; Mrs. Marie Robinson Wright, author and South American traveler, New York City; Miss Helen Woolley of Judson College, Alabama; Prof. Dr. Eugene Hussak, Rio Janeiro; Hon. George E. Anderson, Consul General of the United States, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Senor L. E. Bonilla, Consul General of Colombia; Madam Zelia Nuttall, Coyoacan, Mexico; Prof. Waldstein, University of Cambridge, Cam­bridge, England ; Dr. O. F. Bell, assistant keeper Ashmolean Museum, Oxford ; Dr. Stephen W. Bushell, Chinese authority ; Lady Christopher Johnston, Dr. William F. Pétrie, University College, Dr. Charles
The Book of the Pearl by G. Kunz Page of 650 The Book of the Pearl by G. Kunz
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