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beauty or size the wonderful crystals of brown tourmaline from Gouverneur, N. Y. Many thousands of perfect crystals, measur­ing from 1 inch to 6 inches in length, doubly terminated, rich in modifications, but rarely affording a gem over i carat, have been taken from this locality. One of the finest is in the Root Collection, at Hamilton College; many fine ones are in the Peabody Museum, New Haven, Conn. ; but the best series of both varieties is in the cabinet of Clarence S. Bement, in Philadelphia. At Richville, near De Kalb, N. Y., achroites (white tourmalines) have been found in fine crystals. The choicest of these, in the cabinet of Mr. Bement, is over 1 inch in length, and would cut into a gem weighing over 10 carats. Crystals of brown tourmaline were obtained by Charles E. Beecher, at Newcomb, Essex County, N. Y. Portions of these crystals were very free from flaws, and material enough was found to cut hundreds of gems weighing from i to 10 carats. In the eupyrchroite locality, near Crawford, N. Y., William P. Blake obtained beautiful transparent brown and light-brown tourmaline in crystals large enough to cut gems of several carats' weight. A large number of green tourmalines, some quite thick and several inches in length, have been obtained at Franklin Furnace, Essex County, N. J., but, although they are an important addition to our mineralogical collections, and the outer parts of some of the crystals are of a rich, almost chrome green, not a single crystal has been found that would cut a transparent gem of even 1 carat. Professor Genth men­tions beautiful light-yellow, brownish-yellow, and at times white crystals of tourmaline, at Bailey's limestone quarry, East Marl­borough, Pa. ; yellow crystals at Logan's limestone quarry, West Marlborough ; brown and light-yellow, which are at times transparent, at John Niven's limestone quarry, New Garden Township; and green tourmaline in talc near Rock Spring, Centre County. Specimens of black tourmaline as fine as are ever obtained, are found near Leiperville, Delaware County, in well terminated crystals, 5 inches in length and 1 1/2 inches thick ; also at Marple Township, terminated with two low rhombohedra.