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Ch. 14: Mexico and Central America

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In Mexico and Central America.
O UR knowledge regarding the precious and ornamen­tal stones of Mexico and Central America is very meagre, especially when one considers the extent of the territory and the richness of the mineral wealth that undoubtedly exists there. The fullest information on these subjects is furnished by Santiago Ramirez,1 from whose book we shall have occasion to take many extracts in the sequel. We have his statement that the diamond has been found in Mexico, but the description is altogether too unsatisfactory to establish it positively. The story he gives, on the author­ity of Seftor Del Moral,' is this: General Guerrero, while searching with a few soldiers for a suitable camping-ground, found what appeared to be large pebbles, some of which, on being broken open, proved to be hollow geodes, and to contain loose, brilliant crystals. Two of these, which had been given by the General to a lady friend, and had been mounted as ear-rings, were, about the latter part of 1822, shown by her to Professor Del Rio, who is said to have pronounced them diamonds, octahedral in form, and of a quality not inferior to any from India or Brazil. Seftor Guillow, a lapidary of the City of Mexico, is said by the same author to have bought a number of these diamonds that to-
1 Noticia Historia de la Minerca de Mexico (Mexico, 1884-1885), pp. 237-250. s La Naturaleza, Vol. 2, pp. 257-302, 1873.
Ch. 13: Dominion of Canada Page of 364 Ch. 14: Mexico and Central America
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