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Ch. 14: Mexico and Central America

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UNITED STATES, CANADA AND MEXICO                      285
in Mexico or Central America, of a quality or in sufficient quantity to be of much use in the arts, yet there have been found a number of interesting prehistoric objects made of rock crystal, —skulls from 1 inch to 7 inches in width, crescents, beads, and other articles,—of which the material is excellent, and the work­manship equal to anything done by the early lapidaries. Small skulls are in the Blake Collection at the United States National Museum, the Douglas Collection, New York, the British Museum, and the Trocadero Museum. (See Fig. 14.) A large skull, now in
the possession of George H. Sisson of New York, is very remark­able. Itweighs 475 1/4 Troy ounces, and measures 210 millimeters or 18 3/16 inches in length, 136 millimeters or 15 3/8 inches in width, and 148 centimeters or 15 11/16 inches in height. The eyes are deep hollows ; the line separating the upper from the lower row of teeth has evi­dently been produced by a wheel made to revolve by a string held in the hand, or possibly by a string stretched across a bow, and is very characteristic of Mexican work. Little is known of its history and nothing of its origin. It was brought from Mex­ico by a Spanish officer sometime before the French occupation
Ch. 14: Mexico and Central America Page of 364 Ch. 14: Mexico and Central America
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