Ch. 3: Precious Gem stones in 1882

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PRECIOUS STONES.                                            487
$100 a year at present; but it is probable that this amount will be in­creased in the near future by the Pike's Peak production.
Beryl, emerald, aquamarine.—Emerald has been found at Stony Point,(a) Alexander county, North Carolina, in crystals, some from eight to tea inches in length associated with hiddenite, rutile, and garnet. The crystals as a rule have a white core, and although as mineral speci­mens they are grand, yet few gems have been found up to the present time, and these of second grade. Future developments may, however, bring some fine gems to light. Beryl, spodumene, and the associated minerals have been found on the Lyons property, adjoining that of the Emerald and Hiddenite Mining Company.
Aquamarine has been found at a number of localities in America, the principal among them being Royalston, Massachusetts; Actworth, New Hampshire; Grafton, Vermont; Burke county, and Stony Point, North Carolina; Paris, Maine; Fitchburg, Massachusetts; and Avon-dale, Pennsylvania. The richest known gems from any known locality have been found at Eoyalston, (b) Massachusetts, and although small are almost as blue as the sapphire. Large clear gems of a light-blue and sea-green tint have been found at Actworth, Grafton, and Stony Point, at the latter locality shading into the beryl-emerald. At Stoneham, Maine, two fine crystals have been found in a pasture; one of which will furnish a fine blue gem over 20 karats in weight. The crystal of which only one half was found is 5 inches long and 1 inch across; it is equal in color to any from Siberia, but has been badly broken by frost or by the hand of some one who was ignorant of its value. , The entire amount of beryl gems found in the United States in the last ten years would not bring over $2,000, and they are scarcely known to others than collectors.
Phenakite.—Phenakite has recently been found at Pike's Peak, Colo­rado, (c) in crystals of sufficientsize and quality to furnish fair gems. Some fair sized crystals of remarkable clearness were found here recently. They are equal in point of quality to any found elsewhere, and further finds may produce crystals equal in size to those from Siberia. Though rare, this gem is colorless, and hence its value is almost purely mineral-ogical.
Zircon.—Zircon has not yet been found in this country in pieces suffi­ciently large or good to warrant cutting. Some very small crystals of good color have been found in Burke county, North Carolina, and the ends of some of the Saint Lawrence county, New York, zircons might cut into very small imperfect gems; but nothing further of more than mineralogical value has been found. Garnets.—The garnets found in New Mexico and Southern Colorado,
Ch. 3: Precious Gem stones in 1882 Page of 38 Ch. 3: Precious Gem stones in 1882
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