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Ch. 2: Platinum in 1886

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About 50 ounces of platinum were saved from placer gold mines in Oregon and sold for $100. The demand for crude grains of platinum has not been great in past years, owing to the facility with which sheet and ingot platinum and wire and foil can be imported. The source of this imported platinum is Russia, whence the crude grains are shipped to England to be manufactured into sheets, ingots, foil, wire, and various platinum utensils ; this manufacture of platinum from crude Russian material sustains a large industry, principally in the hands of the firm of Johnson & Mathey, Loudon. Recently, however, a successful effort was made to introduce the manufacture of wire in this country by Mr. John Eutriken, Messrs. Baker & Co., Newark, New Jersey, and by the Wilmington Dental Manufacturing Company. Platinum has been obtained in the crude state from Russia. In this form it is from 70 to 80 per cent, pure. It is theh refined and made into wire, of which about 20,000 ounces are annually consumed in this country for the manufacture of artificial teeth. This new attempt to use crude grains for manufacturing platinum wares has aroused considerable inquiry for crude platinum in this country, and it is probable that the production in 1887 will show a marked increase, since the manufacturers are willing to pay $4.50 per ounce for crude platinum containing 70 per cent, of the pure metal or a proportionate amount for poorer material.
About 300 ounces of native iridosmiue for pen points, valued at $1,000, were sold during 188G in addition to the importations.
The imports of platinum during 1886 and previous years are .shown in the following table :
Ch. 1: Gold and Silver in 1886 Page of 19 Ch. 2: Platinum in 1886
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