Ch. 1: Gold and Silver in 1912

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Colorado mine, in the Aroroy district of Masbate, has been of par­ticular interest. The gold-quartz district of Benguet, in north-central Luzon, has been relatively quiet.
Silver.—The production of silver in the Philippines was 7,121 fine ounces in 1912, against 3,383 ounces in 1911. The output is from the refining of gold bullion produced from quartz and placer mines.
The following table indicates the number of mines producing gold and silver in 1912, divided into placers and deep mines. The placers are those in which gold, the silver in natural alloy with the gold, and in a few instances platinum are recovered from gravels and sands, whether by hand-washing, sluicing, hydraulicking, drifting (in frozen ground or ancient buried river channels), or dredging. The deep mines are those producing gold and silver mainly from underground workings, including those whose ores are valuable chiefly for copper, lead, or zinc, but which contribute precious metals as by-products. In addition to the producing mines here enumerated, many "mines" were being prospected and developed without making an output in 1912, and annual assessment work (required by law to hold claims not patented) was done on a very much greater number of new or old, worked-out, or indefinitely idle properties, once productive or other­wise, and of mere mining claims, which have not yet become "mines."
The enumeration of placer mines is less satisfactory than that of deep mines, because some of the operations are only temporary and because the production is frequently by transitory miners not regu­larly working placer ground. The unit, so far as possible is, however, as for deep mines, not the operator, but the mining claim, or group of claims.
Number of producing mines in 1912, by States and Territories.0
Ch. 1: Gold and Silver in 1912 Page of 93 Ch. 1: Gold and Silver in 1912
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