south sea pearl fashion ceramic band

An 18 mm black ceramic band with a 16.5 mm Philippine golden pearl.

Etienne Perret is a leader in using innovative designs and materials and (one of) the first to develop a whole new line of ceramic jewelry. These designs are truly contemporary (modern, clean lines) with a creative mixture of materials (such as this colored diamond with ceramics) and making use of what makes ceramics so powerful: light and very wearable.

(He even made a video dropping a ring to show how robust a ring is against shocks)

  • measurements (L x W x D): 
x 18.0 x  mm
  • gemstone: 
  • colour: 
  • shape: 
Price: US$  1,150


Baroque Pearl Interchangeable Pendant
Blue Colored Diamond Olivia Engagement Ring
Orange Colored Diamond High Halo Gem Ceramic Band Wedding & Engagement Ring
Cognac Diamond High Halo Engagement & Wedding Ring
Natural Color Diamond Bezel Set Three Stone Engagement Ring

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