Antioch Gold Granulated Bangles

The Antioch Series is named after the fabled city Antioch on the Orontes in Syria, founded by one of the generals of Alexander the Great, Seleucus I Nikator. At its peak, during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, Antioch the Great or Antioch the Golden, as it was called, surpassed in fame and culture even the city of Alexandria. Its opulence and wealth, its gardens and its mosaics were mythical in the Near East.

Most of the Antioch rings, earrings and bangles have two twisted wires as the foundation for the granulation. The fabrication of these pieces was far more difficult and time consuming than the single granulation rings, but the results were unexpected. The rich granulation design lends the simple twisted wire forms of the rings, earrings and bangles an opulence that is truly Antiochene.

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