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The Diamond & Fine Jewelry Virtual Library was founded to promote the study and appreciation of diamonds, jewelry, colored gemstones, minerals, and precious metals.

Our primary focus is to showcase and provide information about gem-quality minerals, organic specimens, various types of jewelry, and/or adornments made of precious metals set with diamonds and/or gems. In addition, we would also like to include numerous aspects of the diamond and gem trade from education to fashion trends.

The Diamond & Fine Jewelry Virtual Library strives to be a comprehensive and up-to-date online international directory pertaining to the diamond & gem trades. Our library subjects include, but are not limited to, the following topics: diamonds, colored gemstones, jewelry, precious metals, fashion accessories, artisans, gem art, gemology & geology institutions, museums, gemological tools, mines and mining, and investment information.

We would love to enhance our library by adding your website to our database. Please keep in mind it is a free service provided you have something to offer to the world of jewelry and/or related fields.

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Loose Diamonds, Fancy/Colored Diamonds, Diamond Jewelry, Diamond Alternatives, Diamond Certificates, Diamond Education
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Famous Jewelers, Retail Stores, Boutiques, Independent Designers, Unique/Handmade, Antique/Estate, Pearl Jewelry, Baby/Childrens Jewelry, Men's Jewelry, Watches, Lifestyle, Body Jewelry, Jewelry for Pets, Precious Metals, Art of Jewelry Making
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Gem Education, Gem Dealers, Gem Art, Loose Gemstones, Pearls
Icon here Information Books, Magazines/Trade Journals, Discussions/Blogs, Stories/History, Technology/Software, Online Exhib/Info
Icon here Education    jewelry exhibitions
Universities, Organizations/Institutions, Laboratories, Certificates, Mining, Museum/Gem Collections, Museum/Online info/exhib, Museum/Mineral exhib
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Investment Info, Events, Auctions, Shows, Supplies, Employment

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