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Magazines/Trade Journals

Magazines or Trade Journals sites or articles pertaining to gemstones or the jewelry industry.


Wartski is a family owned firm of art and antique dealers, specialising in fine jewelry, gold boxes and works by Fabergé. The firm has sponsored and supported academic research evidenced by their many members publications. They also have contributed to jewelry education by way of jewelry exhibitions, either on their premises or loaning pieces to museums/collections open to the public. recommended!

Pearl Perspectives Publication (Imperial-Deltah & the Bazar Group)

Online newsletter that features pearl market trends, travel information, special buys, and education. 

GIA Publications:  Gems & Gemology, Loupe, & GIA Insider

GIA Publications include "Gems & Gemology", the quarterly journal of GIA, publishes up-to-date technical information about diamonds and colored stones. "Loupe" is the GIA's source for feature news, interviews and photo essays about the people, places and events that shape, and are shaped by, the Institute. "GIA Insider" is their electronic bulletin.  

Heat Treatment & Chemical Additives make stones look like Rare Gems

ACS (American Chemical Society) cover story (article by Amanda Yarnell) on how heat treatment and chemical additives can make mundane stones look they are exclusive fancy/colored/rare diamonds/gems. A MUST READ before purchasing diamonds or gemstones! 

The Lore of Gemstones

Ellen Steiber, author of "A Rumor of Gems", found a treasure trove of gemstone lore whilst researching her book. Well worth reading! 

National Gemstone

Gem dealer with additional information on investments, gem trends, price lists, and a gemstone forecaster newsletter. 

Geovision - Gary Bowersox - Afghan Connection

Gary Bowersox has written several articles on his ventures into Afghanistan, the Southern Russian Republics and Pakistan. Also wrote a book and made a video. A number of very interesting articles on this site about his ventures, though many date from several years or more ago.  

Ruby Sapphire.com

The private website of Richard Hughes containing dozens of articles on rubies, sapphires, and the mining areas where they are found. Richard Hughes, a gemologist working at the AGTA-GTC gem lab, is considered one of the best experts in the world on rubies and sapphires. 

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