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Magazines/Trade Journals

Magazines or Trade Journals sites or articles pertaining to gemstones or the jewelry industry.

Diamond Intelligence Briefs

News items (business-to-business) from the Diamond Industry, dealing with industry trends, blood diamonds etc.  

Gem Book Publishers (Fred Ward)

Series of gemstone books written by renowned expert Fred Ward. 

Secrets of the Gem Trade (Richard W. Wise)

Arguably one of the best books on gemstones. buying and characteristics for the (educated) gem connoiseur. 

Renee Newman

Series of gemstone, diamond and jewelry consumber buying guides by Renée Newman. 

Gemstone Press

GemStone Press is an international source for books, gem identification instruments and other items designed to help consumers and people in the gem trade learn more about jewelry, gems and gemology. (Books include Antoinette Matlins series of gem, diamond, and jewelry buying guides). 


Website selling old/rare books and antique scientific instruments. 

Geoscience books

A source for out-of-print books in Geology and Related Sciences. 

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